Maybe it is the fact that millennials are the first generation that has had the world at their fingertips. Maybe it is because millennials are so concerned about the environment, healthcare and and now have been unfortunately been subjected to viral pandemics. Maybe these are the reasons that so many millennials are not only going into the profession of being a death doula but also using their services.

With the divistation of COVID-19 more and more people are realizing that life can end in an instant and we are not promised tomorrow. Millennials are among that group and are deciding to get their advanced directive prepared with a death doula. Many people in this age group have lost someone close to them by now. Whether it be a family member that was sick, or maybe a friend with an untimely death. They are realizing the importance of having their wishes lined out incase anything was to happen. A lot of times they just want a to know that their family will not have this to worry about if something were to happen to them.


Writing an end-of-life directive is not the only time millennials are using death doulas. This is the age where their parents and grandparents are getting older and with the help of a doula can make any part of passing easier. From being a leasion with medial staff to helping with palative care. Just like a birthing doula helps and coaches the babe coming into the world, a death doula helps, coach and guides a life going out of the world, including the family and loved ones. Emotionaly, and mentally. Death doulas are non judgemental and are there to help guide you, and even give you information and options that you may not know exsist.

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