About Us

About Susan

Gentle Journey Life Guide was born out of work choices colliding with personal life events. My work life has touched both the beginning and the end of life’s journeys. Throughout my career I have been a medical/surgical nurse aide; special education teacher and speech pathologist. I have worked with medically and/or socially high risk individuals and their families and loved ones. As I practiced in schools, clinics, home health and skilled nursing facilities, I was able to witness the calmness and peace found at both ends of life. I also witnessed the fears that individuals and families experienced at the end journey approached.

My personal journey has been full of joys, challenges and goodbyes. I am blessed with ten siblings, four sons, eight grandchildren, and 26 nieces and nephews. As I have said goodbye to grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles, and close friends, each passing brought greater realization that the final journey can offer peace, calmness, legacy and solace to both the dying person and his/her loved ones IF we plan and insure execution of the plan.

Each person’s end of life’s journey is different.

But it is a journey that we all must make. It is my hope to offer the person and his/her loved ones assistance in the planning and execution of this journey to make it as calm, peaceful, even joyful as possible.