End of Life Planning

creating visualizations and developing a plan

The First steps

The end of life journey is inevitable for all of us. In acknowledging the journey and taking control of the pieces of that journey that are important allows a person to honor his/her life thereby developing an acceptance of the finality of the ‘journey’.

 The control over your legacy begins here. Defining memories and creating means to establish those memories through a ‘legacy project’ will be explored and defined. Possibilities include memory books/pictures/writings; composing a personal obituary; and, developing a vigil plan/rituals that may provide comfort and celebration for the loved ones left behind.

 This service offers planning related to advanced directives related to medical terminology, medical documentation and paperwork that is required for family and medical personnel to respect the choices that have been made.

In knowing that ‘fear’ of the journey is pervasive in this journey, family and loved ones often are not accepting of personal choices. During end of life planning I will facilitate family and/or loved ones in gathering, explaining and offering acceptance of choices for all concerned.

 As this service is completed, the client will have all advanced directive documentation needed for medical interventions. A facilitated family meeting that defines the client’s end of life wishes and defining hospitalization/home service needs that meet the specifics of choice.

the process

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