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As an end of life coach (also known as end of life doula), I believe that death is a normal/natural process in most scenarios. This service provides assistance to the dying individual and his/her support team that allows this walk to be peaceful, accepting and surrounded with loved ones.

Support will be provided through identifying safety issues and mitigating those issues through planning and re-organization of settings if necessary. This may include setting schedules for vigils, allowing loved ones time for rest and emotional nourishment as well as meal planning and trips to medical personnel.

Support will be provided in defining medical terminology, offering information that will allow an individual to make personal choices that fit into the life journey that has been defined.

Support will continue with planning and implementation of the vigil during active transition phase of dying.   This will include assisting with environmental adjustments that allow for a sacred space, calm acceptance and warmth.

Support includes the initial grief process that insures the rituals that have been defined during the planning phase. It provides support for the loved ones as they begin the journey of saying ‘goodbye’.

As an end of life coach support is provided as both a nonmedical and nonjudgmental professional. I will work closely with the medical professionals involved like hospice, home health team, skilled nursing facility team or hospital team members.

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